Sunday, 27 April 2014


In his fortnightly address to the people of Thanet, leader of the council Clive 'Bulldozer' Hart addressed the issues of the day. The piece was subtitled "Wot I Did Wiv My Weekend" describing how he spent time with his grand children. His grand children's teachers gave the piece a C- and said it needed work.

Clive Hart Thanet

There are a number of pressing issues around Thanet at the moment - Manston Airport, the Independent Report, the removal of the Chief Executive, Alan Foole to name a few - and Bulldozer Hart chose to ignore all of them and take the ostrich approach - if you pretend everything is OK people will forget about the issues soon. 

At this weeks full Council meeting, Clive proudly talked about a number of projects the Council were working on. The news for Ramsgate was very good news with a number of projects being put in place. These were all initiated by the Ramsgate Councillors and were a concession to the people of Ramsgate to keep them quiet. But then the list became a little bizarre. Because the silver fox started to take credit for a number of projects that were not his.

He bragged about the Friends of Ellington Park. A grass roots community group that recently won the Peoples Millions. He bragged about the Broadstairs Shed project - another lucky recipient of the funding. Ramsgate Tunnels was his idea. He bragged about the skatepark investment, despite the fact that a contract has yet to be rewarded. 

In his next leaders report, will Clive be claiming that he invented the wheel and that plans are in place for a teleportation device. 

Many local commentators have noted that this is getting beyond a joke. As Clive keeps saying that issues should not be political, people are noting that the current administration is getting desperate.

Keep calm and pretend everything is ok

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