Thursday, 24 April 2014

Getting Out There

So I set up a Facebook site about ten months ago now. if you want a look.

Its very much a niche site, aimed at life in Thanet in Kent, where I currently live. Its been responsible for highlighting some of the current councils errors.

Clive Hart Closes Cliftonville Skatepark

The issue raised above was close to my heart, knowing lots of local skaters. The local council leader Clive Hart bulldozered a DIY Skate park at dawn. Shocking. 

However, I have noticed that when it comes to google, none of the images are indexed. Which annoys me. So here we go - lets see if you index this one google - hopefully you will and then I will have a good reason to start using you!

And sorry if there are errors in formating - I am still getting to grips with this.

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