Tuesday, 1 October 2013

10 Print "Hello" 20 Goto 10


I've not blogged since the MSN days - pre-facebook. 2005ish.

MSN was tied into instant messaging and was the way to communicate at one stage. It had a little profile associated with it that allowed you to write pieces of prose.

It was good. As soon as I got Facebook, it was the first thing I tried. I used Notes. The trouble is Facebook notes are not that good - people tend not to read them.

So sorry for this blog. I will need to find the style and tempo of the medium again - please bear with me.

But there is a new threat that awaits me - nearly 10 years on. The curse of commenters.....

Please dont get me wrong - I love interacting/feedback. But local blogging seems to suffer from people that quickly go off topic or resort to ranting and raving.

I guess I will have to sot this out as I go along.

Now to play with the visual......