Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Division Bell Tolls at Thanet Council

Thanet Council's administration as a vote at last nights General Purpose Committee saw a six to two defeat - but the vote was ignored!

Alan Poole, Michelle Fenner

Cracks are showing within the ruling group of Thanet Council as they lost a key vote at last nights General Purpose Committee. Only Alan Poole and Michelle Fenner chose to vote to NOT investigate claims into council corruption and mismanagement and the remaining two Labour representative - Peter Campbell and Rick Everitt - choose to either leave the meeting or abstain, resulting in a massive vote against the current administration.

This is not the first time this has happened - when a vote of No Confidence was agreed at the last meeting, Michelle Fenner ignored the vote and continued to sit as Chair of the committee.

Some are saying this is yet another example of a council out of control. Where there is criticism, they remove the person responsible. Where there is blame, they shift the blame onto others.

Is it not time for Thanet Council to accept some responsibility for their actions?

The new argument seems to be that this is all a political attack. This is all about 'Red vs Blue'. They are pulling all the strings of the Labour faithful, saying this is just another Tory plot to get them.

But is this yet another smoke screen? Another diversionary tactic trying to minimise criticism. Because for many, the failures of the current administration have nothing to do with politics. Its all about competence.

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